PVthin Position Papers

Read the viewpoints of PVthin on various topics regarding PV development.

Position Papers

September 2023
Impact mechanisms of non-financial criteria and the need for resilience criteria in German PV tender

July 2022
PVthin’s response to the Indian Ministry of Environment S.O. 360(E) Notification – Including photovoltaics in Indian E-Waste rules

April 2022
Why adding lead on the authorisation list of ECHA will hinder innovation in solar photovoltaics

April 2022
PVthin responds to the European Commission’s call for evidence on the EU Solar Energy Strategy

March 2022
PVthin comments for RoHS review call for evidence

February 2022
PVthin Condemns Forced Labour in the Solar PV Supply Chain

October 2021
PVthin & SolarPower Europe share feedback on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling requirements for PV products

October 2021
PVthin’s feedback on the Review of the EU Renewable Energy Directive

June 2021
PVthin’s position on the EU Sustainable Products Initiative

August 2020
Response to EU Commission’s Legislative Proposal on Substantiating Green Claims

May 2020
Preparatory Study – 3rd Consultation Comments Form (Options and Feasibility of EU Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement Criteria)

February 2020
Commentaires PVthin – Etude de l’ADEME sur les impacts environnementaux du PV en France

December 2018
The Economic Potential of Thin-Film PV in Germany

September 2016
Indium anomaly in the PEFCR for PV electricity generation

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