PVthin’s response to the Indian Ministry of Environment S.O. 360(E) Notification

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Including photovoltaics in Indian E-Waste rules

In July 2022, PVthin provided comments on India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change new E-Waste (Management) Rules proposal – S.O. 360(E).

As the legislation stands in July 2022, the Indian E-Waste rules include both an obligation to collect and treat electronic waste (WEEE) and a requirement that electronic goods not include certain chemical substances (RoHS). They exclude PV panels.

PVthin believes that were India to include PV in its current E-Waste rules, and apply chemical content requirements to PV, it would have significant consequences on Indian energy security and solar industrial ambitions. PVthin’s position explains why other regulatory approaches are better suited to the PV industry.

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