PVthin joins Cleantech Alliance to push for ambitious NZIA


In line with our commitment to promoting European cleantech production and value chains, we have co-signed a letter to the key negotiators in the European Parliament, Commission and Council regarding the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) to push for an ambitious gradual introduction of resilience and sustainability auctions in Articles 19 and 20.

The signatories to this letter, made up of a group of manufacturers with interests in Europe, together represent around 120,000 jobs in cleantech and cleantech-related industries. These industries form the foundation of the net-zero industrial base and play a critical role in realizing Europe’s carbon-neutral future and strengthening the continent’s energy transition.

Our main concern is to ensure that the NZIA provides the necessary framework to promote the resilience and competitiveness of European cleantech industries. We are committed to ensuring that sustainability criteria are prioritized and that measures are taken to improve the playing field for domestic industry.

As negotiations are expected to reach the final vote today, we emphasize the importance of keeping the NZIA focused on its core objectives. By prioritizing resilience and sustainability criteria, we can unleash the full potential of cleantech manufacturing.

Read the letter here.

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