PVthin-comments for RoHS review call for evidence

RoHS review call for evidence

In March 2022, PVthin provided comments to the call for evidence (CfE) on the review of the RoHS Directive. PVthin believes that  RoHS “should not prevent the development of renewable energy technologies that have no negative impact on health and the environment and that are sustainable and economically viable.” As the race to deploy renewable infrastructure increases in pace under Fit for 55, requiring continuous innovation to achieve higher performing technologies, the RoHS exclusion for solar PV has only become more vital.

Furthermore, the negative impacts of including PV in RoHS would only be further exacerbated over time, (e.g. between 2030-2050) as the emergence of thin-film technology presents Europe with both significant financial opportunities, cost savings, as well as environmental and health benefits from their adoption as a key electricity source for European businesses and society.

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