IEA Global Energy Review 2020 – Analysis

IAE Flagship report 2020

The Flagship report – Global Energy Review 2020 was launched by the International Energy Agency in April 2020. It grasped the real-time analysis of developments so far this year, possible directions for the rest of the year but also how the global coronavirus crisis is affecting energy demand.

They noted that while there will be a reduction in demand for major fuels such as coal, oil, gas they predict that 40% of the power supply will be ensured by low-carbon technologies.

One of the key findings was that renewables were the only source that posted a growth in demand, driven by larger installed capacity and priority dispatch, in the first quarter of the year.

2020 may well represent the breaking point for climate change mitigation and adaptation and it is crucial that the recovery plan from COVID-19 is aligned with the European Green Deal and Climate Law to avoid an environmental crisis.

Discover what the impacts Covid-19 has on the energy outlook and more key findings in the Global Energy Review 2020.

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