A $8.5M venture! 5NPlus invests in its Montreal Campus to meet demand for Specialty Semiconductor Materials

ZnTe pieces

In light of the rise of the renewable energy market, PVthin Member 5N Plus is investing 8.5 million CAD into its campus facility “5N Plus Montreal” in Montreal, Canada to meet the ever-growing demand for II-VI semiconductor compounds and powders. II-VI compounds are a specialty of 5N Plus; the company has been developing the ultra-high purity specialty semiconductor materials used in components like thin-film PV for over 20 years! Investments will be put towards expanding the Montreal Campus’s production capacity and development of critical strategic materials, as well as supply chain optimization and reducing the facility’s carbon footprint per unit of production. Investment in new production processes will also allow 5N Plus to reduce chemical reagent consumption, processed water, and solid by-product generation, thereby boosting sustainability efforts and cutting costs.

“Following the project’s completion, 5N Plus will have the capacity to competitively produce over half of the world’s high purity tellurium bearing II-VI semiconductor compounds, which are essential elements for several critical industries including renewable energy,” said Arjang Roshan, President and Chief Executive Officer of 5N Plus.

Here at PVthin, we’re proud of the innovative and forward-thinking actions our members are taking to propel the solar and renewable industries forward, and can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon!

» You can read more about 5NPlus’s momentous achievement on 5nplus.com.

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